Artchitectural Aesthetics

ARCHITECTURAL AESTHETICS is an anthology comprising of twenty-four articles, essays on architecture. The author has delved into aspects of architecture comparing its relation with other allied fields like art, painting, poetry, music, metaphysics, spirituality, human emotions and primarily understanding of life through the noble profession of architecture. The collection stimulates and delights in the variety and diversity of architecture through varied processes of story telling and the analysis of cats. Each article narrates its individual, journey and experience by taking aids of built form across the world. Many travels to Indian sub continent and Europe have given an international dimension to these writings.

Covering wide range of topics and areas, the examples covered are from Chandigarh in India to site of Stonehenge in U.K . The collection offers fresh new perspectives on architecture and its histories within the arena of futuristic cultural studies. It provokes how many roles that buildings can play in the conscious and unconscious lives of human beings. It is the fine example to embrace plurality



Sarita Vijayan, Editor, Indian Architect & Builder

“Sangeet Sharma has been a valuable and enthusiastic contributor to my magazine. His writing is succinct, well researched and insightful. His breadth of knowledge on sensitive issues on design and willingness to explore them in depth are truly commendable qualities.”

Suneet Paul, Managing Director, Jouranal Architecture+Design

“Sangeet Sharma is an architect enthused with an analytical approach in his writings. Focused and probing, he dwells on the subject with a cheer and apt communicative skills”

Amedeo Patrilli, Author of IL Testamento Di Le Corbusier.

“This book gives a wide frame about architectural and urban topics. But one of the most fascinating ideas is that Chandigarh is an Indian town in thought and context is fascinating. The way this basic concept is developed could open new trajectories for the contemporary planning in India”.