Architecture Life & Me



Architecture Life & Me is one man’s journey discovering the many facets of life through the practice of architecture. His pointers to the profession as a stream of the fine arts culminating into a science of building are fascinating. In the guise of a teacher, a author, a practicing Architect himself was semi-preachments spreading knowledge and joy as a package.

As a remarkable story of transformation, the author aspires to catalyze change in society. Simple essays conjoin to form a candid memoir.



Ar. AGK Menon, Dean, TVB School of Habitat Studies

I find Sangeet’s writing to be interesting and readable. Above all, I find it to be good record of how the younger generation of architects in our country is engaging with the profession. He has demystified architecture and related it to everyday life and experience. Very few have written about art and architecture and compared (them) with life hands on.”

Prof. Allene Thime, Practising Architect & Acamedician

The man is Robin Sharma of Architecture. Provocative, Proactive and productive. Superb narrative with information.”

Ar. Jaisim, a pioneer in sustainable architecture

ONE drive around Chandigarh with Sangeet at the wheel is an architectural experience. Now driving through Architecture, Life and Me is an exploration into the fascinating world of architecture….I am sure that every desk, library and shelf of an architect will gain value by it gracing them.”