Journey Through Chandigarh Architecture


The Corb’s Capitol is a dialogue between the city of Chandigarh and the architects. It is a compelling narration of Chandigarh’s growth alongside the city’s transformative experiences with the rhythm of Time. The book is a delightful orchestration of the author’s intimate conversations with the visitors who come to Chandigarh to seek inspiration and insight; besides stimulation for enhancing their sense of aesthetic appreciation or to exalt their ability for artistic creation.

Narrated in a simple, witty, and straightforward style, the technique adopted by the author is hypnotic. The book not only provides information about Le Corbusier’s greatest masterpiece, the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, but also entertains through its amusing and sharp snapshots at the way the modern city and its architecture have been taking shape.



Dr. Vikramaditya Prakash, Author of “Chandigarh’s Le Corbusier"

Architecture lasts longer than the individual histories of men. Through their architecture, architects live lives beyond their selves. Sangeet, here brings Chandigarh’s architecture alive, via stories of the men and women who live in it and who visit the city. A must read.”

Dr. SS Bhatti, Principal, CCA and an eminent author

” Sangeet Sharma’s Corb’s Capitol is an important mile-stone in architectural writing as a narration which says something serious , in a style that instantly drugs you into listening with all your mind and heart to what he says! “

Jit Kumar Gupta, Eminent academician and town planner

Sangeet has carried forward the tone and tanner of his previous bestseller “Architecture, Life and Me”. Simple, straight forward and witty “Corb’s Capitol” is a punch-packed drama. A case study of the city’s behaviour, after almost six decades of its inception is very relevant.”