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Lecture Series Topics

The following are the various lectures and talks that I have prepared for the benefit of the students and faculty alike. The talks are highly motivating and have encouraged many in the field of architecture raising its bench mark. The slides comprise of theory, inspirational quotes, unique projects across the globe and my own projects so that the students get first hand information.


 Architecture Life & Me- Indulging architecture 

Architecture Life & Me is one man’s journey discovering the many facets of life through the practice of architecture. His pointers to the profession as a stream of the fine arts culminating into a science of building are fascinating. In the guise of a teacher, a author, a practicing Architect himself was semi-preachments spreading knowledge and joy as a package. As a remarkable story of transformation, the author aspires to catalyze change in society. Simple essays conjoin to form a candid memoir. 

In this lecture which is an inspiring note for the aspiring architectural students has been very well received in all over India and abroad. The lecture glorifies architecture and its allied disciplines in a very pleasant way that stimulates the students, faculty and practicing architects in equal enthusiasm. The book “Architecture Life & Me” by the author has become quasi textbook for the students and for those who wish to follow architecture as a profession.

An interesting audio-video presentation is set for the duration one hour thirty minutes, that is followed by a question answer session/group discussion lasting about half an hour.


Corb’s Capitol- A Journey to Chandigarh architecture 

Corb’s Capitol is a dialogue between the city of Chandigarh and the architects. It is a compelling narration of Chandigarh’s growth alongside the city’s transformative experiences with the rhythm of Time. The book is a delightful orchestration of the author’s intimate conversations with the visitors who come to Chandigarh to seek inspiration and insight; besides stimulation for enhancing their sense of aesthetic appreciation or to exalt their ability for artistic creation. 

Narrated in a simple, witty, and straightforward style, the technique adopted by the author is hypnotic. The book not only provides information about Le Corbusier’s greatest masterpiece, the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, but also entertains through its amusing and sharp snapshots at the way the modern city and its architecture have been taking shape.

Corb’s Capitol is the only book which talks about the current happenings, controversies, expansions and cautions of the city as of today.  The book is based on the live conversations with seven eminent architects who are the protagonists of the book.

The duration of the audio video lecture is one hour which describes the Chandigarh city from its inception, planning and challenges till date. Witty and full of fun-filled anecdotes, the lecture ends up in a lively discussion with the students who have several questions and clarifications regarding the modern city. The talk includes the perception of Chandigarh as a most modern sustainable city.


Green and Sustainable Architecture-The theory and Practice of it. 

As a founder Chairman of the A3Foundation, a foundation promoting Sustainable Art & Architecture, it is our Endeavour to practice what we preach. In this lecture I talk about the green concepts and the necessity of Sustainable elements in architecture. I supplement my talk with my own award wining built projects. I explain the concepts of LEED rating and the need for the energy saving attitude of the architect through my live projects.


Writer’s Workshop 

As an author I can inculcate and guide to write well. The many genres of writing is taught by giving examples and “writing exercises”. This workshop is devised for students and faculty both.


Castles in the Air

Based on the book “Castles in the Air” this talk is running satire on the profession. Almost a standup comedy, this stage show is a showstopper. Entertains and informs .




An Architectural Workshop

This workshop is designed to educate, invigorate and inspire the budding architects to usher in the field of architecture. the workshop will comprise of 4 sessions that will touch varied topics to enable the students to search in depth the values of architecture.

This workshop encompasses the overall development of the profession enabling the student to face future design challenges, both in curriculum and practice.


10:00 – 11:15AM: Talk on architecture- The Art of Architecture and the principles of new design parameters

11:15 – 12:15AM: Introduction and Competition (on the spot design problem-1)

12:15 – 1:00PM: Review and Interaction

1:00 – 2:00PM: -LUNCH BREAK


2:00 – 2:45PM: Talk on sustainable architecture -‘Practical Sustainability’

2:45 – 4:00PM: Introduction and Competition (on the spot design problem-2)

4:30 – 5:00PM: Review and Interaction

5:00 – 5:30PM: Prize Distribution

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*The talks can be customized for the workshop such as :

Chandigarh & Le Corbusier

Interior Architecture

Functioning of a good design

Writing Architecture

Faculty development lectures

Castles in the Air




Buildings that sustain | TEDxNMIMSHyderabad

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A Word Of Appreciation By Listeners

He is the [Deepak Chopra] of Architecture.

It is amazing the way you have related architecture with other professions.

The word “Sustainability” has been demystified so beautifully by Ar Sangeet Sharma that it looks so simple now. The buzz word has suddenly become the base word.

Your talk has been invigorating.

Your Projects are worth analyzing- in fact, they are simple, Sustainable and evocative.

Your knowledge on Chandigarh is like a first hand experience and coming out of your mouth was a feeling of oneness with the city and its creator “Le Corbusier.

Inspiring to the hilt, talks by Sangeet move even the most uninterested.

In all fairness it is his domain to talk and promote beautiful architecture of Chandigarh.

It runs in his veins – so explanation of Chandigarh and Le Corbusier comes so naturally to Sangeet Sharma

We are grateful for your deliberations on the profession.

Very few of us were aware about the superiority of architecture profession, and why it is the mother of all arts.

His books are simple and witty . They educate through entertaining. The jargons of architectural language is  kept aside-thank god.